DATE: 20-07-2020

AEC Students and Alumni celebrated World Music Day investigating Artistic Identity

On World Music Day, Sunday the 21st of June, The AEC Student & Alumni Network has launched its first livestreamed panel discussion on Facebook.

A panel consisting of students from across Europe (Lærke Uldal DK, David Lima ES, Laura Granero ES/CH, Ábel Fazekas HU/NE) moderated by Camilla Overgaard from the AEC Student Working Group came together to investigate ’Artistic Identity’ through questions like: What is artistic identity to you? Does it differ from personal identity? What role does the conservatoires play in the development of artistic identity?

After the panel discussion, listeners were invited to take part and contribute in smaller groups moderated by members of the AEC Student Working Group. Both the panel discussion and the group discussions provided interesting and very different perspectives on artistic identity and underlined the importance of creating space for curiosity, freedom and ownership in the curriculum of HMEIs in order to develop and support a wide and expanding range of artistic identities and expression.

The panel discussion is available at AEC Student & Alumni Network and the AEC Student Working Group is planning to host more events like this one in the future.