DATE: 31-05-2018

AEC-SMS Teacher Education in the Digital Age Working Group

The AEC-SMS Working Group on Teacher Education in the Digital Age held its first meeting on May 18 and 19, kindly hosted by Marina Gall at the University of Bristol.
As an introduction, participants of the meeting each prepared a short presentation of their current works related to the topic of Teacher Education in the Digital Age. The EMU Forum 2019 on Digitisation and the AEC Congress 2019 on Entrepreneurship and Digitisation were frequently mentioned, and important themes addressed for future meetings were largely brainstormed and discussed by the group.
In future meetings, further discussion on identifying the most important topics will be prioritised to start taking action. For more information about the Working Group or the AEC-SMS Strengthening Music in Society Project, please visit the website or contact the Working Group Coordinator.