DATE: 12-06-2018

AEC-SMS Steering Group Meeting in Graz

The AEC-SMS Steering Group met in Graz for the first time on the 6th of June.

The Steering Committee consists of all the chairs from different working groups (WGs) and the AEC Executive Committee. Each of the WGs has selected its own chair already, so we are pleased to announce that the following persons will help the AEC in monitoring and ensuring the success of the project:
  • David-Emil Wickström – the Chair of the Diversity WG;
  • Pieter Schoonderwoerd of the Entrepreneurship WG;
  • Bruno Pereira of the IRC WG;
  • Jon Helge Sætre of the Learning and Teaching WG;
  • Luc Nijs from the Digitisation WG, and
  • Ankna Arockiam of the Student WG.
The chairs of the WGs have proved to be very committed and willing to contribute.
During the meeting, the Steering Committee discussed the current progression, the action plan for the upcoming years and how all the groups could collaborate more. The preliminary conclusion is that we are on schedule. There are many opportunities for the AEC community to develop itself further and we should enjoy the outcomes of the project that lay ahead. You will have a chance to find out more about the project during the AEC Annual Congress taking place in Graz this coming November, where the first outcomes will be presented and where there will also be an opportunity to give input to the different WGs.

Please check the SMS space on the AEC website or contact the AEC office for more information.