DATE: 27-02-2019

AEC-SMS International Relations Coordinators working group meeting

The AEC International Relations Coordinators Working Group met in Prague on 24th January to discuss the organisation of the Annual Meeting of International Relations Coordinators 2019 which will take place at The Academy of Performing Arts, Music and Dance Faculty HAMU, Prague, Czech Republic, on 19-22 September 2019.

The working group, which in Prague has welcomed its two new members Frauke Velghe (Hogent, Gent) and Dimitrios Marinos (Athens Conservatoire), is addressing issues regarding internationalisation and transnational mobility within the AEC - Strenghening Music in Society (SMS) Project. In addition, it is exploring synergies with the other groups addressing other topics within the project .

The event in Prague will feature for the first time inspiring speeches in the form of TED Talks, the use of Mentimeter to ensure audience participation and a networking activity embedded in the conference programme.

The group will meet again in Riga on 1-3 May in the framework of the SMS Project Network Meeting to finalise the programme of the event.