DATE: 19-09-2017

AEC Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships update

Latest news about VOXearlyMus

The 2nd Intensive Programme of the ERASMUS + Strategic Partnership VOXearlyMUS, entitled “Early music small vocal ensembles on the professional scene”, hosted by the „Arrigo Boito” Conservatorio di Musica di Parma between 16th and 24th of July 2017, successfully ended and gathered positive feedback from the participants (students, teachers). Five European conservatoires based in The Hague, Eisenstadt, Parma, Vicenza, National University of Music Bucharest) and one professional institution (Fondazione Italiana per la Musica Antica – FIMA) enjoyed the opportunity of working together within individual and ensemble training sessions, conferences and applied workshops, such as Historically Performance: on taking refuge in the past and the myth of authenticity, a brief history of the Urbino courses and their importance for the Early Music revival in Italy, meetings and open discussions with professionals from the early music field (participants at the Urbino Early Music Festival), and artistic events (in Parma and Urbino). The concerts of the newly formed VOXearlyMUS ensemble have been highly appreciated.
Coming up, in November (2nd – 3rd) - one important meeting of the local coordinators and the experts of the working groups on curriculum design and repertoire research within the early music small vocal ensembles will take place at the National University of Music Bucharest.
More details about the ERASMUS + KA2 Strategic Partnership VOXearlyMUS are available on the project website.

Latest news about NXT project

As part of the NXT Project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme, ELIA and the project partners developed useful video toolkits for the NXT-Creatives platform. In just a few minutes, the toolkits provide the essential knowledge that artists, professionals and educators might need on some of the most challenging topics. Over the course of the year, the text extended version of these two toolkits will be published as well as other relevant topics. 
TOOLKIT 1: Intellectual Property Rights
Nadia Danhash, Director of InnovationRCA, Royal College of Art London introduces the basics on Intellectual Property Rights. []
TOOLKIT 2: Pricing Your Work
Kai Lehikoinen, University Lecturer in Performing Arts at Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki talks about pricing and the different factors and variables that make up the value of an artwork. []
More toolkits, reports and useful resources are available in NXT-Creatives at!

Latest news about NAIP

The first of two Intensive programmes (IPs) in the project NAIP: ‘Training Artists Without Borders’ was held in Hafnarfjörður Iceland, 25 August – 3 September, hosted by Iceland Academy of the Arts.
The IP focused on building up a strong network amongst the NAIP partners and the enhancement of personal skills, self-confidence, community engagement, collaboration skills, peer evaluation and reflection. The course focused on creative collaborative learning approaches in a cross-art setting. This entailed cross-art collaboration, including skills such as developing concepts, stories, design, performance and dialogue with the community. The program started with introductory and site-specific workshops led by teachers from the participating institutions. Following the workshops, students worked on their own projects in interdisciplinary groups and had access to the course’s teachers for mentoring. The course ended with a series of events open to the public, held around the town of Hafnarfjörður in collaboration with the local community.
More details about the ERASMUS + KA2 Strategic Partnership NAIP are available on the project website.