DATE: 31-10-2018

A successful first Learning and Teaching in Music Performance Education (LATIMPE) conference

AEC and CEMPE launched the first Learning and Teaching in Music Performance Education (LATIMPE) conference on 24-26 October 2018. The conference titled "Becoming musicians - student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education" successfully gathered 120 students, teachers, researchers for three days of presentations, workshops and discussions at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. In total, 17 countries and 44 institutions were represented.

All papers and workshops were linked to the topic of student involvement and teacher collaboration in some way or another. There were many presentations given by teachers who had  been involved in projects that were student-led, involved reflection, were interdisciplinary or involved collaboration between students, teachers or institutions. There were also workshops that tried out new ways of teaching improvisation, instrument in groups and of teaching musical expression.

The first keynote speaker, Monika Nerland, discussed and clarified the commonly used concepts of student-centred learning, learner-centred teaching and student engagement.

Furthermore, the conference involved the launch of the new website where some of the projects presented at the conference will soon be available.

Some highlights from this conference:

Susanne van Els in her brilliant keynote on the importance of finding joy in learning.

Jon Helge in the opening session, coining the student as an artistic researcher.

Lars Brinck holding an inspiring keynote on creative collective learning processes.

Alice Lewin (bachelor student) and her band playing before the last keynote.

Important to note: All photos are taken by Karina Krokaa and Milad Gholami