AEC Vision & Mission

AEC is a voluntary coalition representing Higher Music Education Institutions (HMEIs) in Europe and beyond.


AEC is the leading voice for Higher Music Education in Europe, a powerful advocate for its member institutions.

AEC sees professionally focused arts education as a quest for excellence in three areas: artistic practice; learning and teaching; ­­research and innovation. It seeks to foster these elements and to encourage the diversity and dynamism with which they are pursued in different institutions, countries and regions.

AEC understands and supports music and arts education, together with cultural participation, as central contributors to quality in human life, and inclusive societies founded on democratic values. ­


AEC works for the advancement of Higher Education in the performing arts, primarily focusing on music. It does this based on four pillars:
Pillar 1: Enhancing quality in Higher Music Education
Pillar 2: Fostering the value of music and music education in society
Pillar 3: Promoting participation, inclusiveness and diversity
Pillar 4: Strengthening partnership and interaction with stakeholders 

AEC operates inclusively, sustainably, efficiently and effectively, enabling communication and sharing of good practice.

Please read the AEC Strategic Plan 2016-2021 to find out more about the Vision and Mission of the association.

The AEC Statutes in English, German and French are also published for your information.