Newsletter June 2015
08 June 2015

Dear colleagues and friends,
Welcome to our June 2015 issue of the AEC Newsletter.  As the academic year reaches its busy climax, we send you and your students our best wishes for success in the assessments that will be taking place in many of your institutions around this time. 

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Video on the Reflection day on current and future agendas for Music in Europe (14th November 2014, Liszt Academy, Budapest)
08 June 2015

We are pleased to include in this Newsletter a link to the recently-completed video (please see below), filmed at last year’s Congress in Budapest. The video features as its theme the idea of creating a European Agenda for Music. 

FULL SCORE Evaluation Working Group, update on activities
08 June 2015

This Working Group, active within the FULL SCORE project coordinated by AEC from 2014 to 2017, aims to develop a quality enhancement framework for specialist music institutions at pre-college level and for institutions and programmes focused on music pedagogy.

FULL SCORE Study on Destinations of Europe's Conservatoire Graduates
08 June 2015

Among the priorities of the FULL SCORE project, the AEC aims at helping cultural and creative players to internationalise their careers and activities. In an effort to achieve this goal, the AEC is conducting the Study on Destinations of Europe’s Conservatoire Graduates

Audience Development: what is the role of conservatoires?
08 June 2015

One of the six principal strands of AEC’s FULL SCORE project (2014-17) is Audience Development. Audience development is a major issue in our society and one that has been recognised by the European Union in its new cultural programme, ‘Creative Europe’. 

Latest update on the FULL SCORE Student Working Group
08 June 2015

The Student Working Group (SWG) met on 7 May 2015 at the AEC office in Brussels. 

Upcoming AEC Events in 2015 and early 2016
08 June 2015

AEC’s regular events continue at the rate of five per year. The following events, venues and dates have been fixed between now and early 2016.

The EUBO Mobile Baroque Academy (EMBA)
07 June 2015

The European Union Baroque Orchestra EUBO, AEC’s partner in the Early Music Platform, has just opened applications to the 2015 Orchestral Courses of the EUBO Mobile Baroque Academy (EMBA) a project funded in the framework of the Creative Europe Programme

AEC and U-Multirank
04 June 2015

AEC and its members currently face an important decision: should we go forward, engage with U-Multirank and potentially be the first arts-based discipline to develop field-based indicators, or should we turn away from engagement and hope that ranking, whatever its position in higher education more generally, never fully encroaches upon our territory? 

Latest news from MusiQuE - Music Quality Enhancement
04 June 2015

MusiQuE - Music Quality Enhancement, the Foundation for Quality Enhancement and Accreditation in Higher Music Education, is an external evaluation body dedicated to the continuous improvement of the quality of higher music education across Europe and beyond and to assisting higher music education institutions in their own enhancement of quality.

Latest news from the European Music Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practice (NAIP)
04 June 2015

The first working group meetings in the two year strategic partnership "NAIP: Innovation in Higher Music Education" have taken place. 

Send us your vacancies!
16 September 2015

AEC offers a service to its members of advertising vacancies that arise in their institutions.

16 September 2015

You will find here all the news sent by our members concerning activities that are taking place in their institutions, cities or regions.

Partners News
16 June 2015

Here you will find the latest news from a selection of our partner associations, related to music or arts in general.


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