D. Career Development towards Professionalisation and Internationalisation

To help cultural and creative players to internationalise their careers and activities, by further developing the AEC annual forum for exchange and mobility and by creating a common European platform for advertising job vacancies for instrumental and vocal musicians and composers in CCHE


This strand of the FULL SCORE project is aimed at helping cultural and creative players to internationalise their careers and activities by delivering workshops for International Relations Coordinators (IRCs) and career centre staff in conservatoires, collecting employment data, and developing online tools supporting international career mobility. Eventually, with this strand of the project the AEC intends to establish a new and powerful information network.

Activities and Outcomes

The AEC has started to undertake a wide range of activities towards this objective:

  • An Interactive workshop on ‘Teacher Mobility from a Strategic Perspective’ was organized prior to the AEC meeting for International Relations Coordinators in Aalborg in September 2014.
  • The IRC working group (WG) is fully engaged in FULL SCORE through its work on planning IRC meetings and seminars addressing the FULL SCORE themes and through giving feedback on the various activities listed below.
  • The IRCs Working Group met in Corfu on 28th September 2015 to comment on the workshop and conference that had just taken place. The WG also met on 3rd February in Krakow to organize a third edition of the workshop and the conference on International Careers and Strategy in Krakow in September 2016. Alongside the meeting, the seminar entitled 'The Next Level of Internationalization: from Mobility to International Careers' was organised in Corfu on “Broadening our Horizons: Internationalization as a Tool for Development”. The IRCs WG has met twice to evaluate the 2015 meeting, and is preparing the IRCs Meeting in 2016 which will address once more the topic of international careers and career services.
  • A fully-professionalized job vacancies service has been developed as part of the AEC Website in order to advertise job vacancies for instrumental and vocal musicians, composers and conservatoire staff members at European level. The service has been launched on 1 March 2016.
  • The Members Area on the AEC website has been expanded with new fields of information in order to assist those looking for mobility opportunities. This information is now open to the public.
  • During year 2 of the FULLS SCORE project, the IRCs WG has formed a sub-group to conduct a feasibility study for a Common Online Application System under the name of EASY (European Application System). The WG has launched an open call and is in the process of recruiting a company that could deliver the system throughout year 3.
  • A Europe-wide study has been conducted to provide the sector with data on the destinations of conservatoire graduates, both on the types of professions that graduates enter and on the level of internationalisation of their careers. A survey of all AEC member institutions about their current practice/policy in relation to tracking alumni and collecting and maintaining data on them has been completed thanks to the answers of 130 respondents among member institutions.The results of the survey are being analysed and a handbook showing the results and good practices will be developed too. 

For more information about the workshop on ‘Teacher Mobility from a Strategic Perspective,’ which was organized in Aalborg in September 2014, below you find a report on the workshop:

To learn more about the annual meeting for International Relations Coordinators (IRC's) which took place in Corfu from 24 until 27 September, please find here the report on the meeting:

The Strand D progress documentation is available for AEC members upon request. For further information, please contact the AEC Office.